You May Have Health Anxiety, Learn to Deal with It

May 10, 2018 By admin

You May Have Health Anxiety, Learn to Deal with It

Have you been feeling preoccupied and stressed out for the past six months, thinking that you have a serious illness? Does this preoccupation come with certain physical symptoms? Is your fear affecting your relationship, social life, and work? Do you need constant reassurance from your family and physician that you are not actually sick yet you do not believe them anyway?

If you are nodding to all these questions, then you may have health anxiety (also hypochondriasis), an illness often connected with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Now, it does not mean that you are literally sick. You may only have the notion that you are or will experience an ailment, which typically centres on cancer, AIDS, HIV, and other grave diseases. During this time, you think and feel that any physical symptom, which you go through (despite being harmless), indicates a severe medical condition. For instance, you may believe that a simple tightening of the chest will lead to heart attack.

Do you know that this is alarming? Now, if you do not know whether you are on the verge of being a hypochondriac or not, you should be on the lookout for indications like the following:

You feel the need to obtain a diagnosis, whenever you sense the slightest exhaustion or headache. If the first doctor says that you are doing fine and that you are not ill, you are likely to get the opinion of another physician or multiple confirmations, for that matter.

What is worse is that you may request for medical tests such as echocardiograms, MRI, and blood extractions. Undergoing these examinations may not be harmful; however, it can cost you money and time.

You may also perform excessive personal checkups, wherein you watch out for possible lumps, marks, or rashes on your body. You may even ask your family members or friends to assist you.

You are probably wondering what causes you to act or think this way. The reason may not be always clear; however, the following may have triggered it.

Serious sickness during your childhood

A loved one or close friend has a disease

Death (due to terminal illness) in the family

General anxiety disorder (GAD)

Are any of these all too familiar? Then, you must act and get help immediately before your condition worsens.

While you may have the strongest conviction that you are ill, you have to keep yourself from dwelling on the idea. You can win over your health anxiety through counselling or therapy. You can actually find plenty of individuals who specialise on treating people with hypochondriasis. But if there is one thing that you should not forget, whether you are actually sick or just obsessing over it, it is a medical assurance plan. Since there are plenty of companies offering a broad range of policies and coverage, you should compare Life Insurance quotes. This way, making a good choice will not be as difficult.

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