A Bar of Dark Chocolate May Reduce Symptoms of Both Acute and Chronic Coughs

May 10, 2018 By admin

A Bar of Dark Chocolate May Reduce Symptoms of Both Acute and Chronic Coughs

Some of us had probably experienced the prohibition from our mothers in eating candies or chocolates when we caught a cough. It once made sense to presume that sweets contained in chocolates might stimulate the emergence of sore throat. Well, have you heard about the recent studies that have found that chocolates—specifically, cocoa beans—are effective to loosen a cough?

This fact was proven by researchers from the US National Institute of Cardiology, Pulmonology and Hematology. They asserted that a bar of dark chocolates—containing high theobromine—was a success to support healing of a cough. This research involved 300 patients with acute and chronic coughs as reported in Daily Mail.


In 2 weeks period of research, the patients were requested to consume food supplements containing theobromine—which also included dark chocolates—twice a week. It resulted 60% of the patients claiming their coughs eventually decreased. It is theobromine’s role to inhibit such specific-sensory effects in the body (which cause a cough) as distributed in Genius Beauty.

Does this amazing effect prevail in any kinds of chocolates? Unfortunately, it’s a no. Take dairy chocolates as an example; they give no significant effect to a cough because the more chocolates contain milk, the less they contain theobromine. Needless to say—with still purely high amount of theobromine—dark chocolates are at the top of the list of chocolates effective to loosen a cough.

There was also another proven research; where approximately 300 patients with chronic coughs in 13 hospitals were given some chemical compounds of theobromine made of chocolates raw materials for twice a day in 14 days. Just like the result of the US National Institute’s research mentioned before, it fruitfully turned out that 60% of the patients felt their coughs loosened.

To sum it up, theobromine plays the main role in loosening a cough effectively. Based on a research previously done by National Heart and Lung Institute in the U555555K, theobromine had reacted by blocking the sensory nerve’s activity in order to assuage a cough. However, it is also important to note that loosening is not the same as totally curing. Chocolates are effective to loosen a cough in a meantime, not to cure to the utmost. Symptoms of coughs will reemerge as chocolates are no longer consumed. The best thing to do is not to completely depend on chocolates as a remedy to a cough.

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